6 Things That Hint You Might Be A Travel Junkie!

Everybody loves to travel, yet, there is a huge difference between an occasional rover and a wanderlust. The latter are a different breed altogether. They can’t pinpoint a single location as ‘home’ and do not care if the weather or circumstances go against their plans. There are several other defining features of a seasoned traveler. If you see the following materialize in yourself, you might be one!


You always travel light

You always have a trusty backpack filled with necessary travel ration. Seasoned travelers do not clutter their rucksacks with redundant tools like toiletries, a pillow, makeup, gadgets, socks, etc.


You’ve been pickpocketed, ripped off, or scammed at least once

Ace travelers Alok Bhartia and Rick Steves have been pickpocketed and scammed quite a number of times. You’re likely to run into such a foreboding situation in most of your travels because you’re an easy target in a foreign land. Ultimately you’ll learn how to avoid or slide through scams and avoid areas where you can get pickpocketed.


Your house is filled with mementos and souvenirs

Alok Bhartia has more than two rooms filled with mementos ranging from Katana replicas to African tribal sculptures. A seasoned traveler will have a showcase full of such tokens that remind him of all of his journeys. If you’re considering a life as a travel bug with multitudes of memories, consider clearing out a display case for your travel trophies.


You’re always low on money

And it is because you do not carry much of the change in your pocket. You always travel low on cash because you’re a resourceful in other ways. Alok Bhartia suggests that too much money in your pocket can be a source of worry.

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You have tons of friends around the world

alok bhartia

Travelers often end up making a lot of friends around the globe. You’ve either met them at a campfire in Kasol, or you made acquaintance through Tripadvisor or other traveler forums. Having a lot of friends around the world helps you find a place to put up. You don’t have to spend heftily on hotel rooms.


You always opt for travel insurance

Travel insurance is necessary for frequent overseas travelers. According to World Nomads, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. If you get robbed, have an accident, or fall ill, travel insurance covers you. You’ll get reimbursed for your losses during the trip if a disruption happens.


Embrace your itchy feet and experience the beautiful moments this world has to offer!