Alok Bhartia (From Bangalore) is a renowned travel blogger who strives to provide the best travel experience to the travel community. Born in Singapore, Alok Bhartia loves to live in the ‘Tropical Chennai’ which is his native place. Yet, he is an avid excursionist himself and loves exploring different continents – its food and culture.

About Alok Bhartia
About Alok Bhartia

His travels have taught him well about the world. He has written some award selling books on Asian food and lifestyle and wishes to share the same with his customers through social media and online platforms. His followers are people who understand that only a fellow traveler knows the specifics of a good holiday destination.

Know About Alok Bhartia’s Experience

One of his customers explains how he prepped him for his business visit to Tokyo. The Japanese are known to be very formal. Mr Shantanu Salve from Pune received Japanese speaking classes provided by Voyage so he could get the basics right. Alok Bhartia personally taught Mr Salve how his body language should be when interacting with the Japanese. Mr Salve recounts, “ Alok made me practice simple Japanese sentences daily to make an everlasting impact on my Japanese clients. The pronunciations weren’t hard. The body language was.” He jokes, “When I met the Japanese clients, they looked intimidating for some reason. If it wasn’t for the services of Voyage, they would’ve made me do Seppuku.”

The customers of Alok Bhartia are not in just for the culture, but cuisine too. He has learnt how to cook a number of different dishes. His favorite Italian dish is Lasagna and he always orders a Montoya Cabernet to go with it. His blog covers most of the delicacies around the world that every traveler has to try. His blogs have helped the tourists find the right kind of food and the right liquor. His blogs have often saved people from eating the wrong dish. Once he saved an old pious Indian woman from consuming Pepperoni pizza thinking it was vegetarian site here.

Alok Bhartia is not driven by the attention and the finances he receives with his business. Traveling is his passion, his life. Nobody knows him as a Kolkatan man who loves mishit dohi. Everyone knows him as the globetrotter, who takes awesome black and white photos of Victorian buildings.

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