Alok Bhartia Presents: 5 Beautiful Places in Singapore That Tourists often Miss out

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Alok Bhartia calls this city-state by its original name, Singapura, translated as ‘Lion city’ in Sanskrit. It was named by a 13th Century Srivijayan prince called Sang Nila Utama. This city is rich in culture and heritage and has tons of sightseeing spots. However, most of the people end up on Merlion Park, a place that’s crowded with tourists who take photos with the famous lion-fish statue. To help you avoid such crowds and over-visited places, Here are top five Singaporean places that tourists often miss out.

An evening walk down Changi Point Boardwalk Alok-Bartia-changi-point-coastal-walk-Singapore

As the amber sun kisses the horizon, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful scene on the Changi coastline. The western boardwalk along the beach is the best place to take a walk during sunset. Alok Bhartia calls it one of the best places to take your date to.


Buy everything for free in this marketAlok Bhartia Free Concept Market Singapore

Well, it wouldn’t be really ‘buying’ but you can pick any of the items displayed at the Singapore Really Really Free Market stalls. Of course, returning the favor with your own stall is a way to give back to this establishment.


Where the tooth of Gautam Buddha residesAlok Bhartia Gautum Budha
The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple at South Bridge is something you shouldn’t miss. According to Alok Bhartia, the golden and red shades of the temple inside will instantly calm you. Monks are deeply involved in their rituals, paying no heed to the visitors. It’s exciting to see the ritual procession without disturbance.


Free movies in open-airALok Bhartia Open Air Movies Singapore

If you wish to see a free movie, that too by voting for your favorite one, then you’re in the right place. Movie Mob is a Singaporean organization that features free movies in different locations of Singapore. You can join a free screening if you catch one of its events outdoors, maybe in a park.


Explore the beauty of Xiao GuilinAlok Bhatia Gullin Singapore

This nature park of Singapore is often used in Chinese wushu movies as the backdrop looks beautiful when two warriors are fighting. This place is rarely known by its original name, Bukit Batok Town Park. The park has granite hills with a lake surrounding the structures.

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