For Alok Bhartia, Dubai is the Noor of the Middle East!

You haven’t experienced the Middle East if you haven’t been to Dubai. This jewel of United Arab Emirates is a must-see city where technology meets exquisiteness. With a host of sight-seeing spots in Dubai, it can be difficult to manage the tour. Alok Bhartia, the Indian traveler lists 5 places in Dubai that you must visit if you’re planning a pleasure trip there.


Classic Dubai

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Bur Dubai should be the cornerstone of every Dubai excursion. It’s located to the west of the Dubai Creek. Bur can be translated as ‘old’ or ‘mainland’ in Arabic. Alok Bhartia suggests that you should check out the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood first. If you’ve played Assassin’s Creed, you’ll have a jolly time here!


Dubai Nouveau


Many people will advise you to start with New Dubai. Alok Bhartia traveler on the other hand, advises you should start with Old Dubai. You’ll fall in love with the lights of the 21st century. Burj Khalifa, Lamborghini’s on the street, and the rich lifestyle will make you feel special. You’ll love the lavish shopping malls and the palm-shaped resort called Atlantis.


Souks that do not suck

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Souks are the old markets of Dubai that feature a rail of shops selling trinkets, gold jewelry, and beautiful ornaments. The busy streets are more fun than a shopping spree here. Keep a camera handy. You’ll come across a lot of moments that you’ll love to capture.


Dubai Creek

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The lifeline of the Arabian Desert is the Dubai Creek. It’s the cradle of Dubai, from where the city flourished. Visit the creek at daybreak or in the evening. The city lights reflecting on the creek are enough to mesmerize the Sirens themselves.



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Deira is the famous fish market that’s worth every second of your time. Even if you hate fish (the Bong inside Alok Bhartia loathes you), you have to visit this place to feel the hustle and bustle of Dubai.




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