Alok Bhartia Explores Street Art Around The World

Street art is one of the most unique forms of art. Although it holds a bad reputation, it can truly transform any city into a better place when conducted by skilled artists. A splash of street art could be a refreshing change to the setting of an otherwise dark, boring or dilapidated town. Traveler and blogger Alok Bhartia enlists some cities where you can find the best street art of all times.


  1. London, United Kingdom

Alok Bhartia

In a city that’s known for its expensive lifestyle, you can look at a wide variety of street art for free. London’s street art ranges from large statues to murals to the Giant Rooster revealed in Trafalgar square.


  1. Lodz, Poland

Alok bhartia

The credit for most of the street art in Lodz goes to two artists, Przemyslaw Biejzyk and Mateusz Gapski, collectively known as ‘Etam’. Their works are usually several stories tall and are based on Polish folklore. These pieces of art are incredible to witness.


  1. New York City, United States of America

Alok Bhartia

While the throbbing city is full of history and culture, it is also home to some of the most versatile street artists in the world, most of which have been flocking to Brooklyn area lately. Their unique art pieces are worth checking out.


  1. Santiago, Chile

Alok Bhartia

If you are keen on exploring street art, Santiago would be heaven for you. This South American city has a plethora of incredibly vibrant art pieces created by several anonymous artists. Alok Bhartia suggests hiring a local guide that can direct you to all the amazing graffiti the city has to offer.


  1. Melbourne, Australia

Alok Bhartia

‘The best surprises come from the least expected places.’ Melbourne holds this statement true. Street art gained popularity in Melbourne during the 1970s and 1980s, and is largely inspired from the graffiti found in New York City.


Want to add another city that Alok Bhartia missed? Let us know!