Why Alok Bhartia loves Singapore’s Changi Airport

Alok Bhartia used to think airports present their outer beauty to counter their mismanagement. But when he visited the Changi Airport in Singapore, he changed his perception entirely. This airport of Singapore is nothing less of a futuristic marvel. Customs, boarding and other processes happen speedily, without heckling the flyers. The interiors will glue your gaze with the creativity adorned by the ceiling and walls. The Kinetic Rain, world’s biggest kinetic art structure is a reason alone to come to Changi Airport, even if you’re not flying. Here are five reasons why Alok Bhartia agrees that Changi Airport is the world’s best airport (voted for 5th year consecutively).  Alok-Bhartia-SingaporeAlok-Bhartia-Singapore


There are more than 175 places to eat in the Changi Airport, all of which can be compared to five-star establishments. If you love Shushi, then Itacho Shushi is the best place to go. Peach Garden Noodle House is the best place to get Dim Sum, savory noodles and mouth-watering soups. Paris Baguette at the Terminal 2 Arrival Hall has the best western breakfast menu where you can enjoy Parisian delicacies.


The Kinetic Rain is phenomenal as each golden raindrop is synced with each other, creating waves of visually-gratifying shapes. Travelers can enjoy interactive art and take monochromatic self-portraits which can be shared on social media. Moreover, there are 3D backdrops that provide a nice Instagram setting. The Canopy Park is still under construction and it will present the world’s first mirror maze garden.


The terminal is using state-of -the-art technology to help the passengers. Soon the airport will be brimming with self-service options where passengers can print out their own luggage tags. Soon face-recognition system will replace manual checking.


Alok Bhartia loves the atmosphere of this airport. Everyone is friendly and co-operative. The airport is quite commotion-less, something that isn’t usually found in most airports. It’s amazing how their house-keeping keeps everything tidy and spotless. You will never find a single shred of wafer wrapper on the floor. You’ll also find colorful chairs lighten up the waiting areas.


Changi Airport is Alok Bhartia’s favorite place to shop. Shopping is duty-free in this airport, hence it attracts a huge crowd. Hygiene and spa outlets in Changi Airport are popular since everyone needs to relax tax-free after a hectic flight. The airport can make up more than $2.2 billion in revenue through retail sales alone.

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