Alok Bhartia Got Mugged in Paris. Here’s What He Should’ve Done

Losing your valuables in a foreign country can be really scary. Alok Bhartia reckons a gun on your head pointed by a delinquent in a hoodie is much more terrifying. His recent trip to Paris was soured by a lone walk through Montmartre around 2 in the morning. Although Paris is considered a crime-free city, Alok ran out of luck when he was looking ‘swaggy’ and out-of-place. He was robbed of his money and booze! This happening served him a lesson he’ll never forget, to be alert!

To help you wayfarers avoid getting robbed, Alok Bhartia suggests five must-dos.


  • Keep walking and don’t stop if a mugger is pursuing you. Find a crowded place where you won’t be stalked. Most thieves won’t waste their time on one guy. They’ll look for another target.
  • Carry a weapon-in-disguise for your self defense. Although it is better to lose your money than your limb, but a vagrants on meth can be dangerous. You’ll need something that can pass easily under the police scanner. Alok recommends a pencil. However, you’ll need John Wick’s skills to use it. A better idea would be to use pepper spray. No, it won’t make you look girly.
  • If you don’t have any weapons, use the sharp shredders god has given you. Bite the mugger’s nose. No, we are not joking! Biting onto the thug’s nose will incapacitate them and confuse them. Make this move only when you feel you’re in physical danger.
  • Friday is payday in most of the western countries. It’s not advisable to carry a lot of cash on this day of the week. Pickpockets and muggers consider it as their payday too!
  • Make noise as much as you can to call for help! You need to draw a lot of attention to break the robber’s concentration as well.

Let’s hope you avoid a mugging with these points. You can read more travel tips on Alok Bhartia’s website. Stay safe and have fun!