Alok Bhartia Presents: The 60-Second Geography Quiz

Most of us were terrible in geography during the grade school days. Let’s make things interesting! Alok Bhartia has left you with a silhouette of a country. There are five clues for you to find out which country it is to guess the Alok Bhartia quiz. But wait! There’s a catch. You have to guess the country within 30 seconds!

And as Bane says, let the games begin!

Alok bhartia Quiz,Shivangini Bhartia

  • This country is famous for ‘throat singing’ that its folk singers use.
  • The people in this particular country were known for their nomadic lifestyle.
  • It’s the least populated country in the world with almost four people every square mile. Alok Bhartia loved the vast expanse of hills in this region.
  • This country was registered in the United Nations in 1961 viagra online prescription free.
  • George Bush was the first president of the United States of America to visit this particular country.


PS: No Google, no cheating!