Alok Bhartia New Year Celebrations

“The clock is ticking fast and 2017 is about to end, the New Year’s Eve should be started with a bang”, says Alok Bhartia, the famous Singaporean wanderlust. Some had a bad streak of 365 days while some met their beacon of happiness this year. Well, good or bad, it’s time to rev up your engines for a new year ripe with golden opportunities and happy moments.

A spectacular start filled with joy and partying burns the past sorrows too. While some prefer the company of family during New Years Eve, Mr. Bhartia thinks it’s perfectly okay to plan your New Years Eve abroad. To help, Alok presents the top five locations around the world where you’ll experience the perfect New Years Eve.

Las Vegas

A glamour-filled New Year is what a lot of people wish for. Las Vegas is the ultimate stop to spend your New Year’s Eve. You can enjoy the view of pyrotechnics light up the sky from a helicopter with your friends while sipping champagne. If you’d like something mellower, you can satiate your raging taste buds with a 6-course dinner at Alize, from where the panoramic view of Las Vegas will stupefy you and remind you of diamonds in the dark.


The Dutch are experts in merrymaking. New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam is dotted with disco parties. People in Amsterdam share traditional sweets called olliebolen and appelflappen when the New Year approaches.


The French have special word for mindless traveling that cannot be translated in English, flâner. The streets of Paris are filled with jovial people reveling the last evening of a fading year. If you feel melancholic because of the sweet memories, Moulin Rouge’s cabaret will sure raise your chin in awe. The countdown is best experienced near the Eiffel Tower as the 324-meter long structure is illuminated with a barrage of colored lights and rockets.


The party capital of Asia is vibrant during New Year’s Eve. Aziatique offers the best New Year experience with live music and celebrity appearances. For a different experience, go for rooftop dining while the sparks fly in the sky. According to him, Royal City Avenue is the best place to go New Year’s Eve clubbing.


New Years at Sydney Harbour is the best. With the Opera House in view, the Sydney Harbour Bridge provides a spectacular show of fireworks. The Opera House is a vantage point if you wish to get an excellent view of the fireworks. However, the vantage points are too crowded. Avoid if you’re easily suffocated in heavy crowds!

Rio de Janeiro

This Brazilian city is known for its beaches and carnivals. New Year celebrations in Rio de Janeiro are on a completely different level. The Copacabana Beach hosts the biggest and craziest New Year’s Eve party, called Réveillon. It’s an amalgamation of the modern party culture, old traditions, and religious beliefs. Réveillon features a ritual of throwing flowers in the ocean, as an offering to Yemanjá, the sea goddess of Yoruba religion. Musical and dance performances on huge ocean-facing stages will force you to shake a leg with the festival goers who are quite friendly. Just don’t get pick-pocketed.


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