Scared Travelling Solo? Alok Bhartia Tells you 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be!

The first time Alok Bhartia went off on a solo adventure overseas, it was scary as hell. Thailand is a beautiful country with a sizzling nightlife and the admirable Grand Palace. However, as the movie Hangover 2 puts it, it’s easy to get lost there. Travelling alone can be scary but it has its own perks. You get to open up more to the surroundings and explore a greater deal of options that you wouldn’t be able to, had you visited the place with your friends.

Alok Bhartia travel tips suggests 5 reasons why travelling alone is best and how it shouldn’t pose a problem.


Solo travels make you confident and self-reliant

The best part about travelling alone is that it empowers you. Alok Bhartia learned a great deal about himself when he was walking along the coastline of Koh Samet. Self-realization and self-reflection are done best alone.


Hosts care for you

Forget what your parents and your friends told you. The citizens of your host country will always care for you. Of course, there are a few bad apples, but that should not ruin your resolve to be self-dependent and fearless when you travel alone. Just don’t do anything that might have you featured in Nat Geo’s Banged up Abroad. Hosts make sure that the tourists are safe and have the best experience of their beautiful country. Afterall, Atithi Devo Bhava.


Travelling is easier when you’re alone

When you’re alone and don’t have much to carry. You can travel easier without worrying about your companions or your bags. Planning with a group of friends is difficult. Everyone has a set of expectations of how he or she would spend time during the excursion. Expectations can clash and it can sour the entire trip.


Making new friends

Once you start exploring the unfamiliar streets of your destination alone, you’ll find a lot of friendly people who’ll be ready to accommodate you and help you out on your trip. You might also meet travelers from other countries. Make friends with them.

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You’ll be more adaptable

Managing things alone in a foreign land can be challenging. This challenge will chisel you into an intelligent traveler. Like Alok Bhartia, you’ll learn how to survive in a concrete jungle if you ever get into trouble. This will make you resourceful as well. You’ll be able to live in an unknown city without incurring too much expenditure.


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