‘Singapore Night Festival is a beautiful collage of colors, music and savory food’, comments Alok Bhartia

Alok Bhartia recently visited Singapore. Before he had a jovial time in the Ganesh pandals, he saw one of the best night festivals East Asia has to offer. The Singapore Night Festival is a perfect combination of food, music, fun […]

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Avoid Doing These 7 Things In Singapore, Suggests Alok Bhartia

Singapore gum

Singapore is a beautiful travel destination, believes Alok Bhartia. This city-state is diversely populated with various ethnicities, and it features jaw-dropping views. The exotic and palatable exotic food is yet another plus point for this country. To enjoy the fine […]

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Alok Bhartia Presents: Top 5 places in Singapore that tourists often miss out

Alok Bhatia Gullin Singapore

Alok Bhartia calls this city-state by its original name, Singapura, translated as ‘Lion city’ in Sanskrit. It was named by a 13th Century Srivijayan prince called Sang Nila Utama. This city is rich in culture and heritage and has tons […]

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A patriot’s guide to the Independence Day celebration at Wagah Border | Alok Bhartia


Alok Bhartia | Independence day Journey Alok Bhartia describes the 71st Independence Day celebration at Wagah Border as a spectacular display of power and patriotism. The Indian and Pakistani security forces exchanged sweets and greetings while the people of both […]

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Top 5 camping grounds near Delhi NCR that you shouldn’t miss on your weekends!


Professionals in Delhi NCR need more breaks after several studies address their rising stress levels due to overworking. Alok Bhartia doesn’t think that watching movies on your Laptop during weekends will solve that problem. He recommends taking a trip out […]

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Alok Bhartia Explores: Janmashtami Celebrations In Different Places of India


Alok Bhartia remembers the first time he saw a Krishna Janmashtmi jhanki. The lights, idols and the colors mesmerized him. It was not like the grand fest held at Mathura and Vrindavan, but for a four-year-old, the scene was too […]

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5 Archaeological Wonders that’ll Warp you back to the Past!

So you’re a history buff? We’re sure visiting Fatehpur Sikri and Taj Mahal again and again has left you agonizingly bored. Alok Bhartia suggests better alternatives in India for your archaeological excursions. Careful, don’t try to be Indiana Jones and […]

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