Why is Bangalore called the Silicon Valley of India?

As soon as an IT or computer science engineer graduates from college, he is most likely placed in a company situated in Bengaluru. Yes, Namma Bengaluru, the city of gardens, the capital of Karnataka, is also known as the Silicon Valley of India. Bengaluru earned this title from its namesake in the USA, the Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay Area. The Silicon Valley earned its name because tech companies like Cisco and AMD made it their hub. Silicon helps make semiconductors, which in turn facilitate the production of high-capacity electronics and computers. Similarly, Bengaluru is home to headquarters of Infotech companies like Wipro, Infosys, and Cognizant.

Many wonder, what helped Bengaluru become the IT capital of the country. The list of factors is endless. The biggest reason is Mysore’s Maharaja’s focus on technology and engineering.  The shift of Infosys headquarters from Pune to Bengaluru and the entry of Texas Instruments in India encouraged the setting up of more IT companies in Bengaluru and created lakhs of jobs. Bengaluru being a cosmopolitan city invited skilled people to boost its IT culture. The establishment of Bangalore Institute of Technology and the inclusion of the first computer science engineering program also nurtured the tech culture in Bengaluru.

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In my opinion, the popularity of Bangalore as an IT hub is also killing the city. There’s an estimate that within 20 years, this city will be unlivable. The software industry is also suffering shortages in resources, which has compelled a lot of IT companies to take part in ‘kickout drives’. I am sure we all have heard of the telephonic conversation where a senior IT employee is told to put his papers down by the human resources. Gurugram in the National capital region has caught up with Bengaluru with its own IT culture. But will it be able to defeat it in the tech race? The cost of living and lack of women’s security says otherwise!