traffic jam

Aah, finally the struggle to get out of Bangalore will finally be over. It’s another thing that we’ll have to wait four years more. You can thank namma metro for this development, since the Karnataka government has announced a metro line from Nagavara to Kempegowda International Airport.
Although it’s almost 29 kilometers from Nagavara to the airport and should take half an hour, the traffic between these two points makes it an unbearable trip. Traffic on Hebbal and Ballari Road turns a Porsche 911 into a snail with crutches. Car rides will drive you crazy, as you’ll end up tiring your legs with the constant brake-clutch presses and a cacophony of honks.

For those wondering how the above will be made possible, here are the specifics. The whole project will cost Rs 5,950 crore and the route will have stops at eight stations in-between. Originally, this proposed metro line was to be started after the completion of the second phase (imagine the nightmare). Luckily the government heard the shouts and ails of the common junta and decided to build this line alongside phase two.

They’ll be adding an alternative south access road to the airport, a good failsafe for the metro. Moreover, Bangalore International Airport Ltd has already released a tender for the construction of this south road. Wish they had started this project earlier! I almost missed my best friend’s wedding because of this hellish traffic!

I remember a terrible Uber ride I had to the airport when I was planning an extensive Rome tour. The driver had thrown his sweat-soaked baniyan at the back of the back seat. The whole car smelled like a rotting fish marinated with vinegar. It didn’t hit me at first, but 10 minutes into the trip, it started to gag me. It was a long and arduous ride, which I couldn’t abandon because I was getting late, thanks to the traffic.

I guess now I can breathe freely 😀

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