Nandi Hills is the perfect weekend getaway for Bengalurians. If you’re visiting this southern city from another state, put this hilly retreat in your itinerary because it’s too good to be missed. The hills have a few sightseeing spots, but these 5 have special history attached to them.


The fort of Tipu Sultan  

His patriotism and secularity is debated, but there is no question in the engineering marvels he has established. Tipu Sultan’s Fort on the Nandi Hills spreads over an area of 20 acres. It provides a breathtaking view of the sky hugging the hilly terrain of Nandi Hills. In the fort, there is a palace that the Tiger of Mysore would move to during the summers.


The Shiva Temple

When you visit this temple, a satisfaction and peace enshroud you. The carvings of shiv-shambhu and Mother Parvati will leave your mouth gaping in awe. The temple was built around the 8th Century. Influences of the local cultures and dynasties can be seen clearly with the diversity of carvings.


Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

The highlight of Nandi Hills is the Nandeeshwara Temple. The temple is more than 1,200 years old. It’s like the magically transfigured homes and cars in the Harry Potter franchise. It looks small from the outside, but when you enter its premises, it stands huge.


River Arkavathy

It seems Mother Nature has bred our country to be a tourist marvel. River Arkavathy is an example of that. The source of river Arkavathy surprisingly is said to be a kund or a large stepped well-like structure. The kund tank is considered deep and surrounded by wide walls, making it a photogenic surrounding.


Tipu’s drop    

People are reluctant to come to this 600m high cliff, but it offers a perfect panoramic view of the hill ranges. Tipu Sultan used to throw down prisoners from this cliff-top. More recently, there have been suicide cases and people have reportedly slipped from the cliff. Visit with caution. Could it be haunted?


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