Alok Bhartia recently visited Singapore. Before he had a jovial time in the Ganesh pandals, he saw one of the best night festivals East Asia has to offer. The Singapore Night Festival is a perfect combination of food, music, fun events, and mesmerizing views. Alok Bhartia says, “It’s something you shouldn’t miss if you’re in Singapore in August. The Singapore Night Festival is a beautiful collage of colors, music and savory food”. According to the jolly-hearted travel blogger, there are five things visitors shouldn’t miss.

Headbang to Singaporean Punk!

Alok Bharia Singapore NightsThe Singapore Night Festival also gives a platform to the local metal and punk scene. You will find bands jamming their guts out to heavy rock and metal songs. Alok Bhartia was surprised to have heard one of his favorite Death Metal songs that is rarely played in the public, Hammer Smashed Face (Just imagine the name of the band who wrote this song).

Feast your eyes

Alok Bhartia Dancing Sky Singapore NightsThe Singapore Night Festival presents tons of eye-grabbing art forms that glow, move and sing. The Dancing Sky is a must-see.

On the pole

singapore-night-festival Alok BhartiaPole dancing was largely considered a not-so-dignified profession since it was limited to the erotic dancers of strip clubs. Nowadays, it is a form of art that values acrobatic maneuvers and presentation. This year, the festival featured Bobbi’s Pole Studio.

Freaky Circus

ALok Bhartia singapore-night-festivalAcrobats, jugglers and circus performers come from all over the world to perform at the Singapore Night Festival. This year, Cambodia stole the limelight from other performers with 13 young circus performers that rocked the stage.

Wrestling maniacs

Alok Bhartia singapore-night-festival-wrestling-The Singapore Night Festival has a little bit of something for WWE lovers. You can witness the slams of freestyle wrestling and MMA matches out in the streets. The ring is set at SMSU Campus Green. Alok Bhartia has a great time sitting close to the ring where he could make out the kayfabe.

Did Alok Bhartia miss out an important event? Let him know in the comments!

3 Replies to “‘Singapore Night Festival is a beautiful collage of colors, music and savory food’, comments Alok Bhartia”

  1. I had been to Singapore in 2012 and i participated in this Singapore night festival it was a very great experience i still have the urge to view it again. Hey Alok Bhartia reading your blog has reminded me of all the memories of my 2012 visit in Singapore. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I will share you mine experience too hope you’ll share it in your portal some day.

  2. Reading this post reminded me of my last year visit to Singapore i have viewed entire night festival program and i felt so blessed. Alok Bhartia you reminded me of tour. Keep writing…

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