Alok Bhartia Presents: The 60-Second Geography Quiz

Most of us were terrible in geography during the grade school days. Let’s make things interesting! Alok Bhartia has left you with a silhouette of a country. There are five clues for you to find out which country it is to guess the Alok Bhartia quiz. But wait! There’s a catch. You have to guess the country within 30 seconds!

And as Bane says, let the games begin!

Alok bhartia Quiz,Shivangini Bhartia

  • This country is famous for ‘throat singing’ that its folk singers use.
  • The people in this particular country were known for their nomadic lifestyle.
  • It’s the least populated country in the world with almost four people every square mile. Alok Bhartia loved the vast expanse of hills in this region.
  • This country was registered in the United Nations in 1961 viagra online prescription free.
  • George Bush was the first president of the United States of America to visit this particular country.


PS: No Google, no cheating!

Alok Bhartia Falls for a Vertigo Attack!

The 24-carat sunshine on the hills of Shillong is a scene straight out of travel magazines. February is the best time to visit the valleys of Meghalaya. The coniferous forests will give you a sense of great height when you begin to climb the hills. It’s right at that moment that you may feel elements of nausea and fear creep in, especially when you look down at the rock bottom. Alok Bhartia’s trip to the Nohkalikai Falls brought in the same feeling for him.

The culprit is none other than vertigo (not the Marvel character). Vertigo is basically the feeling of nausea, dizziness, excessive perspiration, loss of the sense of balance, and fuzzy vision. Vertigo attacks usually happen due to inner ear infections but it can also happen because of acrophobia. Luckily, he held onto a friend from his entourage! After a few checkups and reading blogs about vertigo, Alok Bhartia came up with some dos and don’ts when one experiences vertigo.

1. Hold on to the nearest grounded support to let the vertigo pass.
2. Sit down and take a position that feels comfortable. Make sure you’re still as possible. Moving too much might invite more nausea.
3. If you feel a spell of vertigo when you’re driving then stop the vehicle.
4. Keep a walking staff handy if vertigo attacks are frequent.
5. Always move slowly and carefully on rough terrain
6. Use the Epley Maneuver to treat vertigo.

Alok Bhartia suggests seeking a doctor’s aid if the problem persists. If you’re struck by vertigo in a safe environment like home, it could be a sign of an ear infection that has festered for too long. You’ll also experience a constant ‘throbbing’. Temporary relief includes antibiotics to reduce the ear infection. Though, it’s better to have a full-body checkup before planning a trip to the mountains.

Know a better way to deal with vertigo? Let us know!

Alok Bhartia – The Traveler

About Alok Bhartia

Alok Bhartia is a creator of decisions, artistic thoughts and delicious Spaghetti Bolognese. The decisions usually have his brain engage in a tough tug-o-war between an exotic cuisine and an outlandish adventure. You’ll find this gourmet-cum-adventurer mostly in Paris. He loves exploring the cuisine-Français in the city of amour.

Alok Bhartia was born in Kolkata on 27 October, 1987. As a child, he realized that he was meant to follow his heart rather than pick up a white-collar job and then retiring a sad old man. Alok Bhartia started his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya Fort William. He attended the University of Calcutta for his bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Following his dream to live the adventurous life, Alok Bhartia rebelled against the popular establishment of “go get a job when you’re done studying”. His love for food also prompted him to open various restaurants around the country.

When it all began

Osho once said: “There’s no greater ecstasy than to know who you are”. These magical words inspired Alok Bhartia to discover his true identity and destroy his notion of ‘I’. It’s why this website is rendered more in third-person. Taking baby steps towards his mental liberation, Alok took a trip to the Mansarovar Lake. Mount Kailash was dressed in an orange robe gifted by the Sun. The scenic beauty made him wish for more of such examples where Mother Earth blesses the senses. It’s in the mountain lake where Alok Bhartia realized his love for travel and penchant for trips of self-discovery.


Alok Bhartia has been to three different continents, six countries and has discovered over 16 different cuisines. He aims to cover the entire globe and be known as an actual ‘globetrotter’ rather than conform to the overused term of ‘wanderlust’ that travel writers use.

Have fun on the site!